Why work with SE Graphics
SE Graphics is a design studio founded with the idea that any business can have ad agency quality marketing materials. Whether it's a product animation, a logo design or a brochure, the number one goal is to make the client look as good as possible, and help them make a great impression from a marketing point of view.

I'm not the cheapest freelance design consultant, but I'm not the most expensive either. I have an excellent work ethic and I'm a very efficient worker. I won't cut corners, but I will figure out the fastest way to do something so I can become more efficient. Working fast and smart allows me to offer top-notch advertising art, at rates that won't break your budget.

Studio History
For nearly 14 years, I was an owner/partner of an ad agency in Brookfield, Wisconsin. In addition to having a strong agency and marketing background, I also have a strong passion for creating things using the latest digital design tools. One of the biggest pluses for me in starting SE Graphics was it gave me the opportunity to really dive in and explore what the new design tools could do, for both print and new media applications.

I believe there's lots of designers who can create nice looking images, but when you have the marketing background that I have and it's coupled with a thorough knowledge of the design software, the results are images and designs that have a stronger marketing message behind them, and more impact.

Work process and pricing

I prefer to work up a price estimate for each job before beginning production. In my estimates, I spell out in detail the steps involved in designing and producing your project, and what it will cost. My price will include normal back and forth tweaking and revising based on client feedback. As long as the project doesn't change in scope after it's begun, I never charge more than my estimate. If the client does want to make a change to the project, and requests something that wasn't included in the original agreement, I let them know the additional costs up front so they can decide if they want to proceed. Even if you have a project with a pre-determined budget, give me a call and we can discuss what the options are for making something nice, without exceeding the set dollar amount.

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